Frequently Asked Questions

We are located in USA and India. And serve clients globally.

No. You are paying per person-hour. We are not a recruiting agency and you are not hiring any individual developers. You are hiring our entire team of developers, engineers and project managers.

We are a talented team of hardworking engineers, developers and project managers. Because labor is not free, we cannot offer a free trial. We strive to make sure you're happy. If you are dissatisfied, you can request refund for unused months (if you prepaid) or request to cancel the agreement.

Please contact us and we can give you testimonials from our happy clients privately. We cannot publish any client information, including testimonials, due to strict privacy and Non-Disclosure Agreements with our clients.

Government contracts have practically zero profit margin and often come with a baggage of inefficient contract process, legacy systems and wastage of resources. Therefore, we currently serve Private Sector. However, we do serve other companies that work on government contracts.