Outsource Software Projects

Starting at $3300 per month

Outsource to us your software projects and support needs. Each month contains 40 person-hours. All prices are in US Dollars:

1 Project Manager included FREE in above plans
Software ProjectsMonthly Price
Monthly Plan$3300 
Yearly Plan$3000 
5-Year Plan$2667 
Hosting included FREE in above plan
Marketplace ProjectsMonthly Price
Multi-Vendor Marketplace$2000  

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Software Development

Full Stack, Web Sites, E-commerce
  • Complete Web Site Development: Wordpress, Woocommerce, Drupal, Django, Plone, CMS/CMF, Online Shopping/Ordering
  • Software Development: Ruby on Rails, Python, Java, JavaScript, NodeJS, PHP, C, C++, C#, ASP, .NET, Blockchain Programming.
  • App Development: Mobile Apps, Progressive Web Apps (PWA), Linux AppImage, Windows Desktop Apps
  • Full Stack: All frontend UI/UX, backend components, plugins etc. on Windows and Linux operating systems

Systems Administration

Operating Systems, Networks, Databases
  • Systems Administration for UNIX/Linux/Windows servers
  • Database Administration for Oracle, Postgres and MySQL systems
  • Mail Administration for OpenSMTPD, Postfix, Sendmail/Proofpoint
  • Network Administration, Virtualization (VMWare, KVM), Cloud
  • Web Administration (Apache, Nginx, LiteSpeed, App Servers)
  • Monitoring, Patching, Automation, Scripting, On-call coverage
  • Centralized Logging, Onsite and Offsite Backups with Encryption

Cyber Security

Security, Compliance, Auditing
  • OS Hardening, Penetration Testing, Log Analysis
  • Security testing for networks, Internet facing websites and DMZ
  • Firewalls (iptables, nft), Intrusion Detection, Packet Analysis
  • Full service CERT and Certificate Authority for your Intranet
  • Application Security testing, Web Application Firewalls, SSL certs
  • Managing Password Vaults, LDAP, Auth/Auth Maintenance
  • Compliance Checklists (NIST, DISA), Disaster Recovery and Audits
  • Fraud Analysis for Email, Crypto Activities and Security Breaches

Multimedia Development

Audio & Video
  • Graphic Design (Adobe Suite), Optimizing Images for web
  • Creating and Optimizing PDF and presentations
  • Minifying, Compressing, and Localizing static assets for web
  • Creating and Editing Animation, Intro Videos and Landing Pages
  • Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere and Shotcut
  • Podcasts, Text to Speech, Amazon Polly Audio Editing, Discord Bot

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning, Mining, Forecasting
  • Neural Networks, Support Vector Machines, Random Forests
  • Business Intelligence, Log Mining, Process Analysis
  • Forecasting and researching trends (Eureqa, GeneXpro, Python)
  • Models for High Performance Computing and GPU Computing

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  • Covid-19: To get through this pandemic, outsource your projects to us. With Covid-19 vaccination rates still less than anticipated numbers, we are not completely out of the woods yet.
  • Work-From-Home Burnout: Prevent or put an end to employee burnout. A lot of employees are working way too many hours from their homes, leading to burnout, mental stress and poor quality of life.
  • Optimize Project Cost: By hiring us for your project, you optimize your total project cost. Hiring us saves you from the headache of screening and hiring multiple employees for multiple skills. Additionally, each new hire needs to be trained, provided benefits and measured for performance.
  • Augment Your Team: By hiring us to augment your existing team, you reduce workload on your employees, provide after hour on-call coverage and save costs. Employees are choosing to spend more time with their loved ones during this pandemic, despite lucrative time-and-half overtime pay.

We guarantee your privacy and confidentiality of your business. We do not publish or share any of your data with any third parties except to comply law enforcement. We do not publish your feedback or testimonials publicly. We sign NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) for peace of mind.

We value long term customer relationships, much more than short term profits. We have been in business for more than a decade. We serve a variety of Private Sector customers: start-ups, small businesses, mid and enterprise level business. Our pricing policy is transparent and competitive. We also provide Marketing and PR (Public Relations) if you need them.